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Hello and welcome! I’m Blandine Wilcox, a health food blogger, natural living advocate, happy mummy and yoga teacher. I write and teach for individuals searching for a greater connection to their mind and body, nature and food, guiding them to nourish their inner self and enable them to shine by living an eco-conscious wholehearted life.

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The Food Moods Philosophy

1. Natural – Eat organic, fresh and seasonal produce

2. Wholesome – Use unprocessed and nourishing ingredients

3. Delicious – Cook vibrant and flavoursome meals

4. Simple – Keep it real

5. Responsible – Know where your food comes from

6. Mindful – Take your time, slow down, be fully present as you cook and eat

7. Happy – Have fun and enjoy life!

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How did I get here?

Eating and cooking have always been very important to me and I started writing Food Moods in 2010 as a simple recipe journal. But it was when I started training as a yoga teacher that I really became aware of healthy eating and embarked on my own wellness journey. I learned about whole foods and how everything that you take into your body affects all the cells you are made of. As I became health conscious, I started to feel incredibly comfortable in my body and mind and able to deepen my connection with nature and its cycles like never before. I also felt encouraged to learn about how the choices I make impact on the environment. I have realised that living an eco-conscious and healthy lifestyle is a constant work in progress and that every little change can make a difference. 

After living for over five years in the UK, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and move back to my home country of France two years ago, and this is when I decided to follow my dreams to work as a yoga teacher and food blogger. Although it’s been challenging to get where I want to be, the journey has been incredibly rewarding and I feel committed more than ever to sharing my love for a simple and natural way of life.

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Let’s share

If you too are ready to explore the wonders of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle then I’m here to share with you and inspire you to:

Prepare food that looks AND tastes delicious for you and your family

Learn to cook simply with whole foods

Feel vibrant with health

Reconnect with nature and the seasons

Be creative!

I’m here to accompany you on your journey and I would love to hear about your own experiences and the progress that you make.

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When I’m not busy writing Food Moods...

I love the outdoors so whenever we can we get out into the mountains or take a stroll by the seashore and revel in nature’s beauty.

Yoga is a massive part of my life and I regularly teach classes and workshops in my local area 

I’m also always keen to try out little craft projects and make things with my own hands, like macramé and dreamcatchers. 

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What’s next?

Need a meal idea? Head to the recipe section for a large variety of dishes for all mealtimes and seasons...

Want some practical tips on healthy cooking? Take a look in the toolbox.

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Let’s connect...

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And if you simply want to say hello or ask a question please email me on blandine@foodmoods.net 

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