September 26, 2016

Pink Smoothie Bowl


I recently realised that I had never posted a smoothie bowl recipe on the blog, despite me having them on a nearly weekly basis. For a good while, I had green bowls on repeat, until I started noticing that for some reason I struggled to digest them. It was an interesting experience to notice how long it’s taken for me to make the link between the green bowls and feeling tummy discomfort, but after a few months, I was certain that there was a link. I’m still not sure whether it was one particular ingredient that my body didn’t like, but even if I used to love the taste of them, I decided to stay away from them for a while. That’s when I expanded my repertoire and this pink coconut and berry loaded smoothie turned out to be very satisfying, minus the tummy ache. I’m listing below a few topping ideas, but any fruits, nuts, seeds or other superfood of your choice can do the job here. A few spoonfuls of granola also make a more sustaining breakfast. And although I have classified the recipe under the breakfast section, smoothie bowls are a nice snack to have at various times of day – I like mine as a post yoga recovery treat.

Happy Monday and have a beautiful week xx

Pink Smoothie Bowl – serves 2
•250ml coconut milk
•2 frozen bananas
•1 large handful fresh or frozen blueberries
•1 large handful fresh or frozen raspberries
•1tbsp maple syrup
•1tbps almond butter
•1tbsp hemp seeds
•Toppings: fresh figs, edible flowers, shredded coconut, bee pollen, chia seeds, goji berries

1.Place the coconut milk, bananas, berries, maple syrup, almond butter and hemp seeds in a blender and blend until smooth.
2.Transfer to a couple of bowls and top up with the topping of your choice.

Smoothie Bowl Rose – pour 2 personnes
•250ml de lait de coco
•2 bananes surgelées
•1 grosse poignée de myrtilles, fraiches ou surgelées
•1 grosse poignée de framboises, fraiches ou surgelées
•1cs de sirop d’érable
•1cs de purée d’amandes
•1cs de graines de chanvre
•Garniture : figues, fleurs comestibles, noix de coco râpée, pollen, graines de chia, baies de goji

1.Mettre le lait de coco dans un blender avec les bananes, les myrtilles et framboises, le sirop d’érable, la purée d’amandes et les graines de chanvre et mixer jusqu'à obtenir une texture lisse.
2.Transférer dans des bols et garnir avec les ingrédients de votre choix.


Academic said...

seems so yummy. Thankss a lot for sharing the recipe. Will surely try this.

food moods said...

Thanks very much. I hope you like it ;)

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