August 22, 2016

Our Summer of Slow Living and a Melon, Mint and Cucumber Cooler


Before I get on to the recipe for this melon, mint and cucumber cooler I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject of slow living. Living slow is a concept that has kept on coming back to me all throughout the year. We might all have different definition of what this entails, but to me it means simplifying and living a life being fully present, soaking each and every moment as it comes and goes. So many times I’ve found myself caught into the mad rush of life and although there are certain situations when this whirlwind seems hard to avoid, coming back to what is essential, what matters most, is what keeps me grounded. And what happens when you start slowing down is that you notice the little things; a pretty flower, the smile of a stranger, the rays of the sun filtering through the branches of a tree... It doesn’t mean you don’t do or achieve anything, but it means to be fully aware and present in what you do – which in turns gives you increased focus and clarity. When life has thrown challenges at us, I’ve found that taking time to assess the situation and find an appropriate answer to it, has been what’s worked best, trying to get out of the pattern of instant reaction to things.


So, this is what we’ve tried to put into practice this year, and what better time of year than summer, when things can naturally slow down and the cycles of nature invite you to take time to take time. In practice, my philosophy is always to start small and build up from it. A few areas we work on include going on long mindful walks every day, playing with our baby boy, practicing daily yoga/meditation, eating with full awareness, growing our own food and disconnecting from social media and the Internet.

When our boy and I spent a couple of week’s holiday with my parents, I thoroughly enjoyed cooking simple meals for them with seasonal fare. One hot day all I could think of was the idea of a chilled thirst-quencher drink and I therefore prepared this cooling beverage using a few hydrating ingredients that I most often than not have to hand in the summer months: melon, cucumber, lime and mint. We had it sat out on the deck, simply enjoying each other’s presence, before we headed to the beach for a late afternoon play. Snippet of a summer lived wholeheartedly.

I would love to read what your thoughts on the subject of slow living are, it is always such a delight to hear from you and feel part of an amazing community of like-minded people. Much love x


Melon, Mint and Cucumber Cooler – serves 6
Ice cubes can be added for extra freshness, and cucumber and lime slices can decorate the glass.
•¼ of a green melon, peeled, seeded and cut into cubes
•½ large cucumber, peeled and seeded
•2 sprigs of mint, leaves picked
•Juice of 2 limes
•Sparkling water, chilled

1.Place the melon, cucumber, mint and lime juice into a blender and blend until smooth.
2.Pour the liquid into glasses up to about one third and top up with sparkling water and enjoy straight away.

Boisson Rafraichissante au Melon, Menthe et Concombre – pour 6 personnes
Il est possible d'ajouter des glacons pour plus de fraicheur et d'utiliser des rondelles de citron vert et concombre pour décorer les verres.
•¼ de melon vert, pelé, épépiné et coupé en cubes
•½ gros concombre, pelé et épépiné
•Feuilles de 2 brins de menthe
•Jus de 2 citrons verts
•Eau gazeuse, fraiche

1.Mettre le melon, le concombre, la menthe et le jus de citron vert dans un mixeur et mixer.
2.Remplir des verres au tiers de ce mélange puis compléter avec de l’eau gazeuse et servir de suite.

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