August 01, 2016

Edible Flowers, Purslane and Quinoa Salad


This very simple salad was inspired by the edible flowers and fresh herbs that we’ve grown on our balcony garden. I love the visual appeal of it (such a showstopper, how can you resist such pretty flowers?) and the explosion of flavours in the mouth! Yet it remains so easy to prepare, makes a healthy and balanced meal and tastes of summer days. I added purslane to the salad; though often considered as a weed, I find it absolutely delightful, with a slight crunch to the tooth and is packed with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids amongst other health benefits.




I hope you have a beautiful summer, with love x

Bloom Salad – serves 4
• 4 raspberries
• Salt and pepper
• Juice of 1 lime
• 3tbsp olive oil
• 180g cooked red quinoa
• 2 handfuls purslane, leaves picked
• 1 handful fresh herbs (basil, parsley, chives, dill)
• A bunch of edible flowers (calendula, borage, nasturtium, cornflower, etc.)

1. Mash the raspberries with a fork in a small bowl, then add salt and pepper, the lime juice and olive oil and stir. Set aside.
2. Place the quinoa and purslane in a salad bowl with the raspberry dressing and mix together. Dish out into plates and sprinkle with fresh herbs (chopped or left whole) and edible flowers.

Salade Fleurie – pour 4 personnes
• 4 framboises
• Sel et poivre
• Jus d’1 citron vert
• 3cs d’huile d’olive
• 180g de quinoa rouge cuit
• 2 poignées de feuilles de pourpier
• 1 poignée d’herbes fraiches (basilic, persil, ciboulette, aneth)
• Une poignée de fleurs comestibles (souci, bourache, capucine, bleuet, etc.)

1. Ecraser les framboises dans un petit bol, puis ajouter le sel et le poivre, le jus de citron vert, l’huile d’olive et bien mélanger. Mettre de côté.
2. Mettre le quinoa et le pourpier dans un saladier avec l’assaisonnement à la framboise et mélanger délicatement. Servir sur des assiettes ou bols et parsemer d’herbes fraiches (émincées ou non) et de fleurs comestibles.



Vegan Recipes said...

The most beautiful salad I have ever seen! hehe Looks fantastic, and super delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)

food moods said...

You're very welcome :) Thanks heaps for stopping by x

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