May 05, 2016

Buckwheat & Almond Breakfast Cream with Strawberries

Buckwheat and almond breakfast cream with strawberries in a Kilner jar

The past few months, porridge was my breakfast on repeat and although oatmeal remains my definite favourite, I have experienced with other whole grains too. Buckwheat is actually not technically a grain but rather a fruit seed, which even if its name is rather deceptive, is actually gluten-free and does not belong to the wheat family. That said, it is most often than not used as a grain substitute and is incredibly versatile and can be used both in savoury or sweet dishes. For using it in porridge, you can leave the buckwheat groats whole or blend them into a smooth cream. In my winter version, I used to eat the cream warm, and blended it with dates and tahini, yum! Ever since it’s started warming up outside, I however prefer to keep it raw and cold and top it up with fresh fruits (blended or not), into what makes incredibly pretty layered breakfast jars. Here is an idea for an almond and strawberry one, but feel free to customise the recipe as you wish, using your favourite nut butter and milk (I’m thinking cashew would be awesome) and fruits (kiwi, rhubarb...).

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Buckwheat and almond layered breakfast cream with strawberries in a Kilner Jar

Buckwheat & Almond Breakfast Cream with Strawberries – serves 2
This recipe can easily be totally raw by using raw almond butter and not toasting the almond flakes.
•125g buckwheat groats
•1tbsp cider vinegar
•150g strawberries, chopped + a few extra
•1tbsp maple syrup
•2tbsp chia seeds
•125ml almond milk
•Juice of ½ lemon
•1tbsp almond butter
•1tsp almond extract (optional)
•1tbsp golden linseeds
•1 banana, peeled and chopped
•2tbsp flaked almond, lightly toasted

1.In the evening, place the buckwheat groats in a bowl with the cider vinegar, cover with water and leave to soak overnight. In the morning, drain and rinse.
2.Place the strawberries in a blender with the chia seeds and maple syrup and blend until smooth. Place in the fridge.
3.Rinse the blender and add the buckwheat, almond milk, lemon juice, almond butter, almond extract, linseeds and banana and blend until smooth and creamy.
4.Transfer the buckwheat into two jars/glasses/bowls and carefully pour over the blended strawberries. Top up with the flaked almonds and a few extra chopped strawberries. Serve and enjoy!

Crème pour le Petit-Déjeuner Sarrasin/Amandes aux Fraises – pour 2 personnes
Cette recette peut facilement rester crue, si on utilise de la purée d’amandes crue et que l’on ne dore pas les amandes effilées.
•125g de sarrasin
•1cs de vinaigre de cidre
•150g de fraises + quelques unes en plus
•1cs de sirop d’érable
•2cs de graines de chia
•125ml de lait d’amande
•Jus d’½  citron
•1cs de purée d’amandes
•1cc d’extrait d’amande (facultatif)
•1cs de graines de lin dorées
•1 banane, pelée et coupée en morceaux
•2cs d’amandes effilées, légèrement dorées

1.La veille au soir, mettre le sarrasin dans un bol avec le vinaigre de cidre, couvrir d’eau et laisser tremper toute la nuit. Le lendemain, l’égoutter et le rincer à l’eau froide.
2.Mettre les fraises dans un blender avec les graines de chia et le sirop d’érable et mixer. Réserver au réfrigérateur.
3.Rincer le blender et y ajouter le sarrasin, le lait d’amande, le jus de citron, la purée et l’extrait d’amandes, les graines de lin et la banane, et mixer jusqu'à l’obtention d’une texture lisse et crémeuse.
4.Transférer la crème dans deux verres/bocaux/bols et verser doucement dessus le coulis de fraises. Enfin, ajouter quelques fraises coupées en morceaux et les amandes effilées. Servir et déguster !


Mag said...

Hello. Sous quelle forme se trouve le sarrasin ? Merci bien. Bonne journée. Il donne envie ce petit déjeuner

food moods said...

Bonjour, le sarrasin se trouve sous forme de grain entier décortiqué (disponible en magasin bio).

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