May 11, 2015

Easy Pickled Cucumber

Pickled cucumber slices in a glass jar

I’ve really liked having a jar of these pickled cucumber slices at the ready in the fridge. I have them as an accompaniment to a lunch bowl or salad, or my favourite option, on top of a fresh ewe cheese rye toast. They seem to jazz up any food they are eaten with. Taste-wise, I would say that they are quite close to gherkins, but definitely with a different texture. What seduced me with making my own pickles like this is the easiness of the preserving process. They take a matter of minutes to prepare and will be ready to eat within a day. The good news is that if you’re not such a big fan of cucumber, other vegetables work well too such as radishes, baby turnips, asparaguses or sweet peas, so take your pick and happy pickling!

Pickled cucumber slices in a glass jar

Easy Pickled Cucumber – makes 1 jar
•1 medium cucumber
•3 garlic cloves, peeled
•1tbsp pink peppercorns
•200ml cider vinegar
•2tsp salt
•2tsp agave syrup
•200ml water

1.Slice the cucumber very finely.
2.Layer the cucumber slices in a medium preserving jar. Alternate the layers with whole garlic cloves and pink peppercorns.
3.In a small bowl, mix the cider vinegar with the salt and agave syrup, until the salt has dissolved. Pour over the cucumber slices. Top up the jar with water, all the way to the top.
4.Close the jar tightly and place in the fridge.  They will be good to eat 24 hours later, and will keep up to three weeks.

Pickles de Concombre – pour un bocal
•1 concombre de taille moyenne
•3 gousses d’ail, pelées
•1cs de baies roses
•200ml de vinaigre de cidre
•2cc de sel
•2cc de sirop d’agave
•200ml d’eau

1.Couper le concombre en tranches très fines.
2.Faire des couches des tranches de concombre dans un bocal en verre de taille moyenne. Alterner les couches avec les gousses d’ail entières et les baies roses.
3.Dans un petit bol, mélanger le vinaigre de cidre avec le sel et le sirop d’agave, jusqu'à ce que le sel soit dissous. Verser sur le concombre. Finir de remplir le bocal jusqu’en haut avec de l’eau.
4.Fermer le bocal hermétiquement et mettre au réfrigérateur. Les pickles seront prêts en 24h et se garderont ensuite pour 3 semaines.

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