November 29, 2014

Wild Mushrooms Quinoa

Plate and cuttlery with a wild mushroom quinoa dish, and  a glass of water

While some were celebrating Thanksgiving earlier this week, I couldn’t help but feel infinite gratitude for the things that make my everyday life. Each and every day, I try to remember to silently say thank you, in my heart for all I have. The good things, but also the not so good things and learn to be content with what I have here and now. A constant work in progress.

Chanterelles, ceps, shallots, parsley and quinoa on a wooden board

At the market, we’ve been very lucky to find an abundance of locally foraged wild mushrooms over the past few months. They remain a treat as they are pretty expensive, so we appreciated them even more. I wanted to create a simple meal that would enhance the mushrooms flavours, as they really are the stars of the show. And maybe, one day, we’ll learn to recognize mushrooms in the wild and will be able to go foraging them by ourselves. My granddad used to be a keen mushroom picker and I would love to have this skill too.

We had leftovers of the meal for the next day and served it with a fried egg, which was fantastic too. I hope you’ll enjoy this quintessentially autumnal meal, before we step into winter and more Christmassy recipes. With love and gratitude x

Chanterelle mushrooms on a paper bag

Helen at Well Being Secrets has written a very interesting article on the numerous health benefits of quinoa, take a look to learn more.

Wild Mushrooms Quinoa – serves 4
•250g quinoa
•2tbsp almonds
•2 big handfuls wild mushrooms, such as chanterelles, ceps, etc.
•1tbsp ghee or butter
•2tbsp olive oil
•2 shallots, finely chopped
•A large handful parsley, chopped + extra

1.Rinse the quinoa and place it in a saucepan with double its volume in water. Bring to the boil then cover and leave to cook for about 15-20min, until all the water has been absorbed.
2.Place the almonds on a small baking tray and place in a preheated oven (180°C) for about 5-10min, until golden and fragrant. Leave to cool down then chop them.
3.Clean the mushrooms with a small brush and wash them it necessary. Chop them.
4.Heat the ghee or butter and olive oil in a frying pan or sauté pan. Add the shallots and fry on a medium heat for 2min. Add the mushrooms and cook for about 5min, until tender. Finally, add the parsley.
5.Add the cooked quinoa to the pan and mix it in the mushrooms. Dish out onto plates and sprinkle with chopped almonds and extra parsley.

Quinoa aux Champignons Sauvages – pour 4 personnes
•250g de quinoa
•2cs d’amandes
•2 grosses poignées de champignons sauvages, tels que girolles, cèpes, etc.
•1cs de ghee ou de beurre
•2cs d’huile d’olive
•2 échalotes, finement émincées
•Une grosse poignée de persil, émincé + extra

1.Rincer le quinoa et le mettre dans une casserole avec le double de volume d’eau. Porter à ébullition, couvrir et laisser cuire à feu doux 15-20min, jusqu'à ce que toute l’eau soit absorbée.
2.Mettre les amandes sur une petite plaque à four et mettre dans un four préchauffé (180°C) pendant 5-10min, jusqu'à ce qu’elles soient dorées et parfumées. Laisser refroidir et les émincer.
3.Nettoyer les champignons à l’aide d’une petite brosse et les laver si nécessaire. Les émincer.
4.Faire chauffer le ghee ou beurre et l’huile d’olive dans une sauteuse ou poêle. Ajouter les échalotes et les faire revenir pendant 2min. Ajouter les champignons et cuire à feu moyen pendant environ 5min, jusqu'à ce qu’ils soient tendres. Enfin, ajouter le persil.
5.Ajouter le quinoa dans la sauteuse et le mélanger aux champignons. Servir dans des assiettes et parsemer d’amandes et de feuilles de persil.

Plate and cuttlery with a wild mushroom quinoa dish

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