July 04, 2014

Carrot & Chickpea Salad with Za'atar

The month of July started with some days of heavy rain. The kind of rain that soaks you to the bone (if you’ve ever been to the rainforest, this was what it felt like). We went on our weekly trip to the market at the weekend, when it started pouring down. There was no way we would escape it and because it was still warm outside we just decide to embrace it and laughed and jumped in puddles like children. It left me with the impression of having been washed from the inside out, very cleansing for the soul ;-)

Despite the far from sunny weather, I’m definitely determined to invite summer in my plate. Salads are what I tend to nourish me with at the moment, an ideal opportunity to incorporate more raw foods in your diet, to leave you light and content. I gave this one a Middle-Eastern twist, using a spice mix which I am particularly fond of. You can buy za’atar already prepared or can easily make it yourself, see the recipe for it below.

Happy July my friends, let’s hope the sun will shine again soon! x

Carrot & Chickpea Salad with Za’atar – serves 4
•Salt and pepper
•Juice of ½ lemon
•2tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
•1tsp pomegranate molasses
•6 small carrots or 3 large, grated
•1 can chickpeas
•½ fennel, finely shredded
•½ cucumber, finely chopped
•2 handful fresh herbs (chives, parsley, dill, basil...), finely chopped
•2tsp za’atar
•4tbsp sesame seeds

1.Prepare the dressing by mixing salt and pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and pomegranate molasses in a large salad bowl.
2.Add the grated carrots, chickpeas, fennel, cucumber, fresh herbs and za’atar to the bowl. Mix well.
3.Serve into plates and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

•4tbsp dried thyme
•1tbsp dried oregano
•4tbsp sesame seeds (lightly toasted or raw)
•4tbsp sumac
•Pinch of salt

1.Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
2.Keep in a glass jar.

Salade de Carottes et Pois Chiches au Za’atar – pour 4 personnes
•Sel et poivre
•Jus d’1/2 citron
•2cs d’huile d’olive
•1 de mélasse de grenade
•6 petites carottes ou 3 grosses, râpées
•1 boîte de pois chiches
•½ fenouil, émincé
•½ concombre, coupé en fines tranches, puis demi-lunes
•2 poignées d’herbes fraîches (ciboulette, persil, aneth, basilic…), hachées
•2cc de za’atar
•2cs de graines de sésame

1.Préparer l’assaisonnement dans le fond d’un saladier en mélangeant du sel et du poivre avec le jus de citron, l’huile d’olive et la mélasse.
2.Ajouter les carottes, les pois chiches, le fenouil, le concombre, les herbes fraîches et le za’atar et bien mélanger.
3.Servir dans des assiettes et parsemer de graines de sésame.

•4cs de feuilles de thym séché
•1cs d’origan séché
•4cs de graines de sésame (légèrement toastées ou crues)
•4cs de sumac
•1 pincée de sel

1.Mélanger tous les ingrédients dans un bol.
2.Garder dans un bocal en verre.


Nicola @ Eat Well NZ said...

Yum this looks amazing. I've never used za'atar before but i'm heading out to buy some this week as I've seen it in a couple of middle eastern recipes now and I really want to make this.

food moods said...

Thanks Nicola :)
I hope you enjoy making the salad. Za'atar is so nice to have handy in your kitchen as it can really add a lot of flavour to dishes.

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