January 13, 2014

Parsnip Chips with Express Raw Ketchup

On a Sunday, our kitchen often resembles a battle field. Food is at the centre of what we do on that day, often starting with a lazy breakfast, when we might make pancakes or something savoury. The rest of the day is intermitted by preparing lunch and dinner, but also staples that are going to last for the week – so that we can prepare lunches to take to work or dinners to reheat in only a matter of minutes. I’d love to be able to cook fresh food every single day of the week, but juggling with work and other activities does not always allow it, and simply sometimes, after a long day at work, I do not have the motivation to spend hours in the kitchen. Yes, as much as I love cooking, I need a bit of a rest from it every so often.

Back to our weekend, we cooked up a storm, from sushi to homemade chocolates, flapjacks, vegetable stew, bread, and fresh juices. Oh, and these parsnip chips! Don’t you find homemade oven –baked vegetable chips hard to resist? I love them, ranging from the good old potato to celeriac, sweet potato and parsnip. I whipped up a raw ketchup too, which only takes minutes to make (set aside rehydrating the sundried tomatoes) to go with the chips…simple and cheap as chips!

Have a great week x

Parsnip Chips with Express Raw Ketchup – serves 4
• 35g sundried tomatoes
• 6 parsnips
• 1tsp ground ginger
• 2tbsp dried herbes de Provence
• 4tbsp light olive oil
• 2 tomatoes, seeded
• 1 Medjool date, stoned
• 2tsp cider vinegar
• ¼ tsp salt
• 1 small garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Soak the sundried tomatoes in warm water for about 30min.
2. Cut the ends of the parsnips and peel them. Cut them in half and then into long and thick chips.
3. Place the parsnips on two baking trays. Sprinkle with ground ginger and dried herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Mix well, so that they are coated with oil. Place in the oven for 15min.
4. After 15min, take them out of the oven, give them a good stir and place back in the oven, swapping the two baking trays, for another 15min.
5. In the meantime, prepare the ketchup by blending together the sundried tomatoes with 3tbsp of their soaking water, the tomatoes, date, cider vinegar, salt and garlic. If the mixture is too thick, add some of the soaking water, 1tbsp at a time. Set aside when ready.
6. Serve the parsnip chips warm, with the ketchup.

Frites de Panais et Ketchup Cru Express – pour 4 personnes
• 35g de tomates séchées
• 6 panais
• 1cc de gingembre en poudre
• 2cs d’herbes de Provence séchées
• 4cs d’huile d’olive légère
• 2 tomates, égrainées
• 1 date Medjool, dénoyautée
• 2cc de vinaigre de cidre
• ¼ cc de sel
• 1 petite gousse d’ail, pelée et finement émincée

1. Préchauffer le four sur 180°C. Faire tremper les tomates séchées dans de l’eau chaude pendant environ 30min.
2. Couper les extrémités des panais et les éplucher. Les couper en forme de frites assez épaisses.
3. Répartir les frites sur 2 plaques à four. Parsemer de gingembre en poudre et d’herbes de Provence et arroser d’huile d’olive. Bien mélanger. Mettre au four pour 15min.
4. Après 15min, sortir du four et mélanger de nouveau. Remettre au four, en échangeant les 2 plaques dans le four, pour 15min.
5. Pendant ce temps, préparer le ketchup en mixant les tomates séchées et 3cs de leur eau de trempage, avec les tomates, la date, le vinaigre de cidre, le sel et l’ail. Si le mélange est trop épais, ajouter de l’eau de trempage, 1 cuillérée à la fois. Mettre de côté.
6. Servir les frites de panais à la sortie du four avec le ketchup.

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