May 28, 2013

New Potato & Asparagus Salad with Yogurt & Tahini Dressing

A salad of new potatoes, asparagus, feta and gerkins

When on the lookout for ideas to create new salads, I often get inspiration from nature and what is currently in season. I believe that using vegetables as fresh as possible and in season will not only have the best taste possible, but also the best nutritional values. Asparagus have arrived a bit late this year, due to the cold snap we had in March, but thankfully, here they are. I picked some from the farmers’ market and knew that I would want to use them in a salad with delicious new season potatoes. I don’t know where the idea for the gherkins came from, but I hadn’t eaten any for years and had only recently bought a jar from the local store. That, with feta and dill, and our lunch was sorted.

Spooning dressing onto a salad

I hope you’ve enjoyed the long bank holiday weekends this May and are ready to embrace and enjoy this delightful time of year. I’m pretty excited about our garden and various vegetables which are growing in it at the moment. Will have to do a little reportage on it some time soon ;-)

A salad mixed in a tahini dressing

New Potatoes and Asparagus Salad with Yogurt and Tahini Dressing – serves 4
• 650g new potatoes
• A bunch of green asparagus, cut into chunks
• A handful of gherkins, finely sliced
• 100g feta, cubed
• A bunch of dill, chopped
• Salt and pepper
• 1tbsp white wine vinegar
• 2tbsp olive oil
• 2tbsp natural yogurt
• 1tbsp tahini

1. Cook the potatoes in a pan of boiling water for 20min or until cooked through. Drain, rinse under cold water and cut into chunks.
2. Cook the asparagus in a pan of boiling water for 3min. Drain and rinse under cold water.
3. Place the potatoes, asparagus, gherkins, feta and dill in a large salad bowl.
4. To make the dressing, mix salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, yogurt and tahini.
5. Mix the dressing in the salad before serving.

Salade de Pommes de Terre Nouvelles et Asperges Vertes, Assaisonnement au Yaourt et Tahini – pour 4 personnes
• 650g de pommes de terre nouvelles
• Une poignée d’asperges vertes, coupées en 4
• Une poignée de cornichons, coupés en fines rondelles
• 100g de feta, coupée en cubes
• Une poignée d’aneth, haché
• Sel et poivre
• 1cs de vinaigre de vin blanc
• 2cs d’huile d’olive
• 2cs de yaourt nature (ou fromage blanc)
• 1cs de tahini

1. Faire cuire les pommes de terre dans une casserole d’eau bouillante 20min, ou jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient cuites. Egoutter, rincer à l’eau froide et les couper en morceaux.
2. Faire cuire les asperges dans une casserole d’eau bouillante pendant 3min. Egoutter et rincer à l’eau froide.
3. Mettre les pommes de terre, les asperges, les cornichons, la feta et l’aneth dans un grand saladier.
4. Pour préparer l’assaisonnement, mélanger sel, poivre, vinaigre, huile, yaourt et tahini.
5. Mélanger la salade avec l’assaisonnement avant de servir.

A salad of new potatoes, asparagus, feta, dill and gerkins

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