January 22, 2013

Fig & Cacao Quinoa Breakfast

The long awaited winter has finally come. I was missing crisp mornings and walking in the invigorating air. After a mild and wet start to the season, the temperatures have finally dropped below zero and soft snow flakes have made the landscape look like a winter wonderland. I like starting the day slowly, waking up with the first lights of the day and thinking of the promises of what lays ahead. My breakfast ritual often includes something warm these days. Nothing can beat a bowl of warm porridge to get me ready for the cold outside. I usually don’t have quinoa for breakfast, but why not, after all? And what a nice change this makes! I added crunchy figs and raw cacao nibs which melted slightly in my bowl. Good morning quinoa choco fig breakfast, you’re my new favourite!

Fig & Cacao Quinoa Breakfast – serves 2
• 100g quinoa, rinsed
• 250ml almond milk
• 7 dry figs, chopped
• 2tbsp raw cacao nibs
• Maple syrup

1. Place the quinoa in a small saucepan with the almond milk, and bring to the boil. Leave to simmer for about 15min until the quinoa is cooked. If all of the liquid has been absorbed beforehand, add a bit more milk or water. Mix the chopped figs in.
2. Dish into bowls and sprinkle with the cacao nibs and drizzle with maple syrup. Serve straight away.

Petit Déjeuner de Quinoa, Figues & Cacao – pour 2 personnes
• 100g de quinoa, rincé
• 250ml de lait d’amandes
• 7 figues sèches, émincées
• 2cs de pépites de cacao crues
• Sirop d’érable

1. Mettre le quinoa dans une petite casserole avec le lait d’amandes et porter à ébullition. Laisser frémir environ 15min, jusqu’à ce que le quinoa soit cuit. Si le liquide est absorbé trop rapidement, ajouter un peu de lait d’amandes ou d’eau. Ajouter les morceaux de figues.
2. Servir dans des bols et parsemer de pépites de cacao et arroser de sirop d’érable. Servir immédiatement.

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