August 05, 2012

Honeysuckle Lemonade

Two glass bottles filled with lemonade, in the grass

Luke told me many times that he hates the shrub growing in our back garden (not looking nice, taking too much space, etc). I had identified it as honeysuckle, and was waiting expectantly for the first flowers to bloom. You see, I’m kind of addicted to their sweet and delicious smell. However, unfortunately, it barely had any flowers, probably because we cut the bush too many times so that it wouldn’t splay too much over the garden fence. Never mind, I found another far healthier plant growing in our neighbourhood, and when the flowers were in full bloom, helped myself to a few. 

Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle bush

It’s funny how some flowers can taste very different to what you might have imagined. This is however not the case with honeysuckle. I found that its taste was very similar to its smell. Adding a handful of flowers to lemonade gives it wonderful flavours. So refreshing on a hot summer day!

Lemon slices and honeysuckle flowers

Two glass bottles filled with lemonade, in the grass

Honeysuckle Lemonade – for 4 glasses
• 4 slices of fresh ginger, peeled
• Juice of 1 ½ lemons
• 4tbsp agave syrup
• 800ml filtered water
• A handful honeysuckle flowers

1. Place all the ingredients in a jug and give them a stir.
2. Place in the fridge for a few hours to chill.
3. Serve with ice cubes.

Limonade au Chèvrefeuille – pour 4 verres
• 4 rondelles de gingembre frais, pelées
• Jus d’1 ½ citron
• 4cs de sirop d'agave
• 800ml d’eau filtrée
• Une poignée de fleurs de chèvrefeuille

1. Mettre tous les ingrédients dans une carafe et mélanger à l’aide d’une cuillère.
2. Mettre au réfrigérateur pour quelques heures.
3. Servir sur des glaçons.

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