August 26, 2012

4 things I've loved so far this Summer

Sea swimming

Finding an empty beach in Cornwall and going for a dip in clear waters
First the toes. Then the ankles, calves and thighs. I pause for a moment clenching my teeth and wondering whether I can do it. Gentle waves are lapping on my legs and splashing my tummy. We look at each other giggling and wondering who’s going to dare fully going in first. A minute passes by and we decide to count up to 3 and to go in: him: 1, me: 2, pause, him: 3… we let our bodies getting fully submerged, checking that the other hasn’t backed up at the last second. For a little while, I am gasping for breath as I am getting used to being in the cold waters. But soon enough, I cannot feel the cold anymore and I just enjoy swimming freely, seeing a myriad of little fish passing under my body. An immense joy rises in me as I float on my back as a starfish and look at the clear blue sky. Minutes later, as we walk back to the beach to dry ourselves up, I have forgotten all my worries of the day, as if they got washed away into the sea.

Preparing Portobello and Peach Burgers
In our neighbourhood, you know easily when summer has arrived, thanks to the smell of barbecues in the early evening air. Cooking and eating outdoors to me resonates as summer holidays and times spent with friends and family sharing beautiful foods. While for some barbecue might mean only cooking meat, I have tried to be a bit more adventurous and still enjoy my share of food cooked on the BBQ. Some of my favourites have been grilled asparagus, Portobello mushrooms, black bean burgers, vegetable and halloumi skewers as well as salmon kebabs.

Wild flowers
Butterfly Love
It is their strong smell that made me know that they were finally in bloom. Butterfly trees. I can’t get enough of their sweet honey fragrance which helps me to spot them from the distance. As we were sitting in the sunshine in Luke’s parents’ garden the other weekend, a lot of colourful butterflies came to suck their nectar and left me in awe, admiring them, so pretty little creatures.

Teaching Yoga
Halfway through my yoga teacher training, I naturally took a step forward and decided to set up my own class for a few weeks. Yoga has brought so much to me and I’ve been willing to share this with others. It has been a great but also challenging experience, and although I have now stopped my lessons for a few weeks, I am very much looking forward to starting again in the autumn. If you are interested in private or group lessons in the Exeter area, please get in touch ;)

I hope you’re having a great summer too! What are you loving?

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