June 28, 2012

Summer e-book

Happy Thursday everybody!
I hope you had a chance to celebrate Mid-Summer Day last week and enjoyed the longest day of the year!
Here in southern England, it doesn’t really feel like summer yet, with a lot of rain and fresh temperatures. However, I’ve wanted to bring sunshine in your plates and I have prepared a little surprise for you (which took a bit longer than I thought to get ready!): please find below my first ever e-book! I’ve been super excited working on this and compiling a selection of my summer recipes. Also, I’m so glad to have had a contribution for this e-book from the lovely Elenore from beautiful and inspiring Earthsprout :) If you do not know her blog, I urge you to visit it! I took the opportunity to ask Elenore a couple of questions:

What do you like the most about summer?
Being a lover of mother earth as I am, when summer comes around (or even before) what I love most is walking bare foot. It may sound like a tiny thing but I just LOVE it so much! I adore how amazingly
connected it makes me feel (both to myself and the earth). So I toss away my moccasins and get my feet dirty!

What is your favourite summer food?
Ah, this one is easy! Anything that you can eat with your bare hands in the grass with a loved one. These psychedelic spring rolls is a perfect choice!

Click here to download the e-book
I hope you will like this summery e-book and leave me comments to tell me what you think of it xx


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