April 09, 2012

No-Knead Rye & Spelt Seeded Loaf

I think it is finally time for me to feature a bread recipe on foodmoods. In France, where I grew up, you find bakeries on every corner and people go there to buy fresh bread daily. Baguettes, of course, but also sourdough loaves or pain de campagne. Bread is really a main staple in the French diet from breakfast all the way through to dinner. Moving to the UK changed my habits. First of all, there are not that many bakeries where I live, and the bread they sell is not that amazing. Second, I have pretty much stopped eating bread as an accompaniment to main dishes, as I usually don’t find this necessary. The way I eat bread now is mostly either for breakfast or lunchtime in sandwiches. Because the bread I find in shops is not the best, I have started making my own at home. It has now become a weekly habit. I have already experimented with various recipes, but still need to try out making sourdough. The recipe I feature here today is pretty simple. No kneading is involved, which makes it a good recipe to try if you’ve never made bread before.

No-Knead Rye & Spelt Seeded Loaf – makes 1 loaf

  • • 2tbsp sunflower oil
  • • 350ml lukewarm water
  • • 1tbsp honey
  • • 1 sachet instant dry yeast
  • • 140g rye flour
  • • 140g spelt flour
  • • 75g rolled oats
  • • 75g seeds (mix of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds & sunflower seeds)
  • • 1tsp salt

  • 1. Pour 1tbsp sunflower oil in a loaf tin and grease it by spreading the oil with a brush.
  • 2. Place the water in a bowl and stir in the honey. Sprinkle the yeast on top and leave to stand for about 5min until frothy. Add 1tbsp sunflower oil and mix.
  • 3. In a large bowl, mix the flours with the oats, slat and seeds but 1tbsp. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix well until you obtain a wet and sticky mixture. Transfer into the loaf tin, sprinkle with the reserved seeds, cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for 1hour.
  • 4. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Remove the tea towel, place the tin in the oven and cook for about 1hour until golden and risen. The bread should sound hollow when tapped under – if so, it is cooked. If you’re able to resist tucking in straight away, leave it to cool down before slicing it.

    Pain au Seigle, Epeautre & Graines, Sans Pétrissage – pour 1 pain

  • • 2cs d’huile de tournesol
  • • 350ml d’eau tiède
  • • 1cs de miel
  • • 1 sachet de levure de boulanger instantanée
  • • 140g de farine de seigle
  • • 140g de farine d’épeautre
  • • 75g de flocons d’avoine
  • • 75g de graines (mélange de graines de pavot, graines de sésame, graines de lin et graines de tournesol)
  • • 1cc de sel

  • 1. Verser 1cs d’huile de tournesol dans un moule à cake et graisser le moule à l’aide d’un pinceau.
  • 2. Mettre l’eau dans un bol avec le miel et mélanger. Saupoudrer la levure sur le dessus et laisser de côté pendant environ 5min jusqu’à ce que des bulles apparaissent à la surface. Ajouter 1cs d’huile de tournesol et mélanger.
  • 3. Dans un grand bol, mélanger les farines, les flocons d’avoine, le sel et les graines sauf 1cs. Verser le mélange liquide dans le bol d’ingrédients secs et mélanger jusqu’à l’obtention d’une mixture collante. Transférer dans le moule à cake, couvrir d’un torchon et laisser lever pendant 1h.
  • 4. Préchauffer le four sur 200°C. Retirer le torchon, mettre au four et faire cuire pendant environ 1h jusqu’à ce que le pain soit levé et doré. Le pain devrait sonner creux si on en tape le dessous. Si c’est le cas, le pain est cuit. Si vous arrivez à résister d’en manger une tranche de suite, attendre que le pain est refroidi avant de le couper.
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