June 03, 2011

Italy: Rome & Venice


Rome is big and captivating and is a city with a strong character, like its inhabitants. This destination was special for us as, as a surprise for my Dad’s birthday, we had arranged to meet up there with my parents and brothers. We all had a lovely time together and were thrilled to see buildings from the Antiquity and so many grandiose churches. We walked a lot, everyday.

Italy was one of the destinations I was the most looking forward to in terms of food. Italian food is cooked so much all over the world that I was curious to see what it was like in Italy. In Rome, you can find a lot of not so good touristy ristorrante, but if you look well or are well advised, you still can find real Roman trattoria with an authentic atmosphere. Our tour guide from when we visited the Vatican advised us of a place called Trattoria Dell’Omo (Via Vicenza 18, 00185, Roma). There we were able to taste Roman specialities, and while my brother went for the tripes, Luke opted for the spaghetti carbonara (without crème fraîche) and I went for the cacao e pepe (pecorino and black pepper) pasta – a simple but delicious dish.

One of the places I enjoyed the most walking around in Rome was the Trastevere, where streets smelled of jasmine, and I had one of the best pizzas ever. We also stopped at a local market and bought the first cherries of the season – I was in heaven.


Hands in hands, we wandered through romantic Venice. We got lost in its tiny streets. Every corner was different: we arrived on a large square with cafés, found ourselves at a dead end, climbed over a pretty bridge across the water or were in an empty street.

It was sunny and hot and busy, very busy. I couldn’t help wondering what it must be like to live in a place like Venice. It is such a special place.

The Rialto market was lined with stalls selling beautiful fruits and vegetables and fresh fish. Seeing the in-season asparaguses, artichokes, tomatoes, peas, courgette flowers, strawberries and cherries was a real invitation to cooking...or like we did, buying handfuls of tomatoes and cherries, rinsing them in a public fountain and eating them on the market place.

Rialto Market

Venetian specialities include sarde di soar (fried sardines marinated in vinegar and onions) and risi e bisi (pea soup thickened with rice). But what I liked the most were the cichetti: Venetian tapas, enjoyed at the counter of a bar with a glass of Proseco.
  • Enoteca Al Volto (Calle Cavalli 4081) and
  • All Arco (Calle dell’Arco 436) where typical cichetti bars we loved to go to.
  • Cichetti at All Arco

    Or you might like to sit at the terrace at Imagina Café (Rio Terà Canal 3126) and have a glass of Bellini or Spritz under the starry sky and listen to the night falling over Venice...

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