June 16, 2011

Germany: Berlin

Berlin was a special place to go to for us, as we stayed with our friend Mona, who we hadn’t seen for almost 3 years. She shared her love of Berlin with us and made us love it too.

The city has a vibe that gets you hooked, with beach clubs along the river, a vibrant artistic scene and big family/friends gatherings in the parks at the weekend.

We didn’t miss the opportunity to taste Curry Wurst, a Berlin speciality consisting of sausage served with a curry sauce, and also Berliner Doughnuts.

Curry Wurst at Curry 36

I had fond memories of German breakfasts, and Mona treated us by cycling to the bakery in the morning and getting fresh Brötchen (little breads), that we ate with all sorts of sweet and savoury toppings – it tasted so good!

Our Sunday morning was lazily spent at the terrace of a café, enjoying a brunch buffet with a glass of Prosecco.

Sunday Morning Brunch

We left Berlin happy and thinking that there is still so much to see in this city: we’ll go back for sure!

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