December 31, 2010

A Day in Paris

When I was still living at my parents’ place, I had come to hate Paris. Too big, too busy, too stressful. I’m more of a nature lover and living near Paris and commuting there every day was simply not my cup of tea. However, as soon as I moved away from ‘la région parisienne’, I started to like Paris again. Being a visitor, like a tourist, it is now with great pleasure that I stroll through the capital and rediscover it.

France, and Paris especially, is a paradise for food lovers. Last week, Luke and I spent a day in Paris, in search of food delicacies.

We started with lunch at Le Café de l’Industrie, a trendy bistro serving unfussy and affordable French food. We decided to go for 2 starters: a vegetable soup followed by cèpes ravioli. This was simple and delicious. It felt so good to be indoors to escape the wind and snow falling outside.

Our 2nd stop was La Cocotte, a cooking book shop. Though the place was different from what I expected, I felt at home surrounded by cookbooks. The shop is also a café, and I could easily imagine myself spending hours flicking through books while sipping a cuppa.

We then walked to Mariage Frères, France’s first importer of tea. Hundred of tea cans line the shelves behind the counter and choosing which tea you would like to try can prove being difficult! The place is elegant and old-fashioned but also very busy at times.

Ladurée was next on our to-do list - another famous French teahouse especially well-known for its macaroons. The shop was bustling but I managed to place my order fairly quickly. The woman at the counter started to speak to me in English so I kindly let her know that I was French! I bought a selection of macaroons: caramel with salted butter, green apple, rose and ginger, raspberry, vanilla and chestnut. Though the macaroons were expensive, we were not disappointed. Our favourites were the caramel and the vanilla ones: melting in the mouth, flavoursome, delicate...

We ended the day by meeting my friend Sarah. We went to the Café Oz, drank a cocktail and talked about the good times we had when we travelled to Australia together. Our last stop was at a Japanese restaurant. It was the first time that Luke and I ate in a Japanese restaurant. We both went for a mix of sushi and maki and I have to say that I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would.

We came back home full and happy to have discovered such nice places in this beautiful city.

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