September 03, 2010


Last weekend was a bank holiday and we set to explore the big city of the West Country: Bristol! We both liked it.

We wandered around town, exploring the parks, streets, museums, and the quays. The weather was beautiful, which added to the charm of the city. There was a place I wanted to go to for lunch: Bordeaux Quay. I had heard very good things about it and we were not disappointed. The cuisine was refined and the service pretty smart. The restaurant was not opened at lunch time so we had our meal at the brasserie. The place is also a deli and cooking classes are held regularly. Definitely a good address!

Our walk took us further, to Clifton Suspension Bridge, where we enjoyed flapjacks and brownies from Boston Tea Party, another favourite café.

We came back tired from walking but glad to have finally decided to explore Brizzle. We’ll have to come back for sure!

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