August 16, 2010

Lazy Days in the Countryside

“Bendigedig!” the Welsh word for wonderful. I’ve come across this word in a book I recently read and I liked the sound of it. Bendigedig, like our weekend in the countryside. Not the welsh countryside though, but the beautiful Hampshire one.

We went to Luke’s parents. They live in a farm in the middle of fields. It’s such a change of scenery from where we live. I appreciate so much the quietness of the place and the relaxed pace of life: waking up with birds singing, watching the sunset over the fields, meeting the newly borne calves going for walks with the dogs and most of all, spending time with Luke’s family – are all the things I enjoy about being there.

We had a very relaxing time and too soon it was already the end of the weekend. But at least we recharged our batteries for the busy week ahead of us.

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