June 03, 2010

An Adventure on the River Dart

For Luke’s birthday, I wanted to offer him something different, an experience to live the two of us that we would remember for a long time. I kept my plan secret until the last minute, and this is what we did...

I had booked a night paddle on the river Dart, in South Devon. We started from Totnes, last Friday, in the early evening. We paddle up the river in these great Canadian canoes for about an hour, before stopping on the riverbank. There we had a camp fire, ate a vegetable stew and grilled bananas with chocolate and were told a story about Dartmoor, pixies and the moon. As it was time to get back, it had gone all dark and we paddle silently on the river under a starry night, with bats flying alongside...magic :)

We stayed in a lovely B&B by the river in Totnes called the Steam Packet Inn. I would definitely recommend this place: the staff is very friendly, the rooms clean and decorated with style and the breakfast amazing (Luke went for the full English and I opted for smoked haddock with a poached egg).

Totnes is a pretty town, a bit hippy and alternative. I loved all the little independent shops you can find. We had lunch in a little gem: a veggie restaurant called Willow, where the food was natural, homemade and simply delicious. Address Book: Steam Packet Inn St Peters Quay Totnes TQ9 5EW +441803 863 880

Willow Vegetarian Restaurant 87 High Street Totnes TQ9 5LW +441803 862 605

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