May 23, 2010

North Devon

This weekend the weather has been hot and beautiful. Yesterday felt like one of these long summer days when all you want to do is spend your day on a beach. We headed to North Devon early in the morning. I love going there, getting up very early and be amongst the first people to arrive on the beach. ..although yesterday the beach was already busy when we arrived as a surf comp was taking place.

We settled in our beach hut -number 8, home away from home as we call it – jumped in our wetsuits and spent the morning surfing. After that, we were pretty hungry and happy to eat the nice lunchbox I had prepared. We had goat’s cheese and chives muffins, lemon and bean pâté sandwiches, crunchy vegetables and a piece of chocolate cake. Once well fed, we lay in the deck chairs in the hot afternoon sun and just enjoyed :)

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