May 26, 2010


In France, we like ‘l’apéro’. You can often hear people say ‘t’as qu’à venir prendre l’apéro’ – ‘you should come for a drink’. You can have a more or less sophisticated apéritif from salted peanuts and pastis to what we call ‘un apéro dînatoire’, that is to say drinks and finger foods that are enough to make a dinner out of it. I especially like these last ones.

The other day I invited a couple of friends and we had a nice evening, eating, drinking, and talking and... eating more, drinking more and talking more. I had prepared:
  • Cottage cheese and sun-dried tomatoes spoons;
  • Hummus with cherry tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks;
  • Quail eggs wrapped in leek and mayo;
  • A mozzarella, avocado and mango salad;
  • Garlic bread;
  • Savoury muffins;
  • Marinated radishes;
  • Cucumber pickles;
  • Lemon and bean pâté;
  • Crackers with chilli chutney and manchego;
  • Rhubarb, banana and strawberry mini crumbles;
  • Chocolate cake with strawberries;
  • Apple jack punch

There was plenty and we were quite full after that. We even had quite a bit left for the next day which was nice as you’ve spent all this time cooking, it gives you a bit of a rest.
I think my friends were happy as they said I could invite them again to eat more of my cooking ;)

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